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  1. Follow your doctor’s instructions and call the office if you have questions.
  2. Report for regular scheduled follow up care. Follow up care is of optimum importance and it is the patient's responsibility to schedule and keep appointments.
  3. Follow your wearing time schedule as prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Always thoroughly wash, rinse and dry hands ·before handling lenses.
  5. Clean your lenses after wear and before storage to avoid build up of tough protein deposits and oily films that are difficult to remove.
  6. Be thorough, but careful while cleaning a lens, they can tear, chip or crack.
  7. Use fresh solution in the storage case each night. Be sure lenses are completely covered with solution when storing in the case.
  8. Rinse the storage case out well with warm tap water then1 with saline after each use and let air dry with off.
  9. Sit or stand close to a sink or table while inserting a lens.! That way, it cannot go far or land on the floor if it is dropped.
  10. Re-clean lenses that have dropped on the floor or on your clothes.
  11. Always close drain when working near a sink. A dark face cloth or towel may also be used to cover the drain.
  12. Wear eye protection now that you wear contacts. Racket sports, hockey, etc... demand safety eyewear to avoid serious trauma to the eye.
  13. Avoid contact with sprays (hair spray, deodorants, spray paint, oven cleaner, etc.).
  14. Apply hairspray, deodorant or spray cologne before lens insertion or keep your eyes tightly closed until the spray has settled. Sprayed lenses are uncomfortable and hard to clean.
  15. Avoid harmful fumes and vapors especially in work areas while wearing lenses. Wear safety glasses or work under a hood. Inform your employer that you wear contact lenses so that they can recommend safety eyewear.
  16. Avoid dusty environments; wear eye protection.
  17. Use caution when adjusting to temperature extreme such as oven, fireplace, freezer or sub-zero weather.
  18. While inserting the lenses, some patients find it easier to hold back the eyelashes, not just the lids.
  19. Keep a storage case and a small bottle of lubricant or saline with you at all times for emergency use.
  20. Apply all cosmetics after inserting contact lenses, lotions and foundation as well as eye cosmetics such as mascara and eye shadow.

Don't use your lenses if your eyes are irritated, red painful, tearing excessively, producing any dis­ charge, or your vision is fluctuating. Check with your doctor to see whether any eye disorder requires treatment prior to wearing lenses.


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